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Here’s also the Youtube link for “I Will Never Be Free” video


Holmes - I Will Never Be Free MUZU.TV

We made a second video together with Lefvande Bilder, this time for “I Will Never Be Free”, the second single from Burning Bridges. The video premiered yesterday on German MUZU.TV and you can either watch it here or follow this link. Hope you enjoy it!


Hi everyone! Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel the October tour dates in Germany and Austria due to personal health reasons, in the end it wasn’t possible for us to through with it without risking more severe problems in the future. All will be fine, so no worries. Our apologies to the promoters and everyone who was planning to attend one of the shows. We’ll make it up to you in some way in the future. We’ll let you know when we’re back on track. Take care in the meantime!


See you tonight at the Umsonst & Draussen Festival in Würzburg! We’re playing the Drinnen Bühne at 22.30. Alles gut!


We have a treat for those of you who enjoy “Breathing” from Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You, a stripped down live version from the tour. While on tour to promote Burning Bridges we had a day off, so we got together with Bernhard and played a semi-acoustic show in his living room to him and 50 or so of his invited guests.


Hello from Bamberg! Since several people have been e-mailing us and asking about it on the shows during the tour we just wanted to take this opportunity to clear up the question of the ending of our new album Burning Bridges. The dropouts of different channels, various noises and the abrupt ending (or endless loop on the vinyl version) are how we intended the last track “Captain Weakheart” to end, so there’s nothing wrong with the pressing. We thought it was an interesting way to end the album and not just doing the same thing as on our two previous records, sorry for the inconvience it has caused. You can listen to the song at Bandcamp by clicking HERE to check that it sounds the same as on your record. Hope you like the album anyway! If you have other questions, please get in touch through holmes@haleri.se. Thank you!


A little over a week ago we played at the fantastic Flight 13 record store in Freiburg, Germany on Record Store Day 2012, here’s a video of “Bells” from the show.


And it continues the same way, all good so far! A lot of old and new friends in Leipzig, Berlin and a packed Astra Stube in Hamburg have made it a great experience so far. Last night at De Onderbroek in Nijmegen was also special with only new acquaintances, hopefully turning into old friends in the future. Now it’s time for the grand opening of their anarchrist library. If you’re ever in Nijmegen, give them a visit!


Great start of the tour! A lot of people showed up at the in-store show at Flight 13 in Freiburg for Record Store Day and last night we played a lot of new songs live for the first time in front of a sold out Fatal in Landau. See you in Leipzig on Tuesday!


Holmes is a band from Sweden that plays "Scandinavian americana" according to Rolling Stone. Our new album Burning Bridges is out on CD/LP/DL on Black Star Foundation/Cargo April 13.

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